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Welcome to the Southwest Region!

Welcome to the The International Cat Association Southwest Region website. This website pertains to the clubs and members who reside in the Southwest Region (Arizona, Southern California, Hawaii and Southern Nevada) and are members of TICA (The International Cat Association).

We do have an active yahoo email group. Please send an email to TICASWRegion-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to Join the email group and hear all the news and exciting things going on in your region.

Regional Ballot!!

Congratulations to all our regional winners! Now is the time to VOTE for our Member of the Year and the Judge of the Year. Please VOTE here! This only allows one vote per household (or IP address) - If there are 2 members, pleae try to have one vote at work and the other at home.. or 2 different locations. (or maybe even the smartphone).

Clubs Sponsorship

Regarding Dr. Elsey Sponsorships: Every year a Club Survey must be completed by the show manager to apply for show sponsorship in that year. TICA must have a minimum of 12 weeks to process the survey and forward funds and sponsor box. The sponsor is notified when funds are awarded and the sponsor must have time to prepare and ship a box with product for display at show. Sponsorship dollar amounts may vary.

Survey form is online at: http://tica.org/clubs Available in both PDF and Word format

www.tica.org Members tab http://tica.org/members Select Club Information from left column

Surveys must be emailed, not snail mailed. Send to RFulkerson@cfl.rr.com

Do not use a P.O. Box address on survey, a physical address is necessary. Dr. Elsey cannot ship to P.O. Boxes.

EO can ship the sponsorship funds check to a P.O. Box, just not the sponsor box so be clear if using a P.O. Box you must also provide a street address for receiving deliveries.

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