TICA Southwest Region

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SW Region Winners 2014-2015


Lifetime Acheivment Awards



Boomer LA SGC Softrax Sh Boom Of Ahura
Marcia Baumann
Thunder LA SGC Ironforge Thunderstruck Of Snobugs
Kathryn Chalmers
Thunder LA SGC Skeenville Im All Ears of Trunude
Tamara Steele

Regional Winners 2014-2015



1LAPD SniperMC Yes
2Snugglerags Breakfast At Tiffanys RD Yes
3Purrsia Mousse Au Chocolat PD Yes
4Channelaire The Count Of Elvessa TO Yes
5Partypaws Lmao Giggles BI Yes
6Rubyridgerags Sundance Skye RD Yes
7Trunude Blurred Linez Of Skeenville SX Yes
8Rexplus Family Business CR Yes
9Kuriliangem Vesniana KBL Yes
10Cherrybirdie Tootsie 2/Cf HI Yes
11LAPD ShaftMC Yes
12Kissyfurs Lana Purrner Of Partypaws BI Yes
13Shardi Cover Girl Of Tajhara AB
14Jumpnspots Ozymandias OC Yes
15Bengalxpress Denali BG Yes
16Snugglerags Lovely Rita RD
17Snugglerags Benito RD
18Prekrasne Righteous Man SB Yes
19Tasurt Junga CU Yes
20Sontse Herbalicious PS Yes
21Marclay Kathmandu Lager Of Pkays/CFHI Yes
22Tajhara Summer Samba SO
23Fernriverbrits Calamity Jane BL Yes
24Coolspots Destiny BG
25My Graceful Cat Sherlock Of Purrsia PD Yes



1Purrsia Elle Sappelle Camille PD Yes
2Snugglerags Breakfast At Tiffanys RD Yes
3Kuriliangem Vesniana KBL Yes
4Channelaire The Count Of Elvessa TO Yes
5Ironforge Thunderstruck Of Snobugs AS Yes
6Skeenville Im All Ears Of Trunude SX Yes
7Ginchika Tinkerbelle Of Taiyo JB Yes
8Deserhita'S Gracie/Cf PS Yes
9Chisholmtrail Wind Caller OC Yes
10Curl Essence Sir Kingsley/Id ACL Yes
11Palacedolls Atticus Of Snugglerags RD Yes
12LAPD SniperMC Yes
13Rubyridgerags Summer Skye RD Yes
14Pawkavenue Black Ice SPS Yes
15Tasurt Junga CU Yes
16Sarsenstone Yulaia TH Yes
17Rexplus Shady Business CR Yes
18Tingoskattens It Happend/FINF
19Oberlin Hulahoop HB Yes
20Trunude Blurred Linez Of Skeenville SX Yes
21Coolspots Pwd Protected BG Yes
22Degoonacoon Taos MC Yes
23Cherrybirdie Sir Niguel/CFHI
24Specialagent Silencer PB Yes
25Cherrybirdie'S Kenneth Cole/CFHI

Longhair Cats


1Snugglerags Breakfast At Tiffanys RD n/a
2Kuriliangem Vesniana KBL n/a
3Deserhita'S Gracie/Cf PS n/a
4Curl Essence Sir Kingsley/Id ACL n/a
5Palacedolls Atticus Of Snugglerags RD n/a
6LAPD SniperMC n/a
7Rubyridgerags Summer Skye RD n/a
8Pawkavenue Black Ice SPS n/a
9Tingoskattens It Happend/Fi NF n/a
10Degoonacoon Taos MC n/a
11Cherrybirdie Sir Niguel/CFHI n/a
12Cherrybirdie'S Kenneth Cole/CFHI n/a
13Cherrybirdie Jack-Of-All-Trades/CFPS
14Cherrybirdie Tootsie 2/CFHI
15Dsjewels Red Hot Chili Pepper RD Yes
16Partypaws Lazy River BI Yes
17Wallycats Spooktacular PS
18Sontse Herbalicious PS Yes
19Creekcats Just Like Jesse James RD Yes
20Partypaws Lmao Giggles BI Yes
21Kissyfurs Lana Purrner Of Partypaws BI
22Degoonacoon Newport MC Yes
23Snugglebug Irresistible Truffles PS
24Angelur Veles Of Siberianbeauty SB Yes
25LAPD Mackie MayhemMC Yes

Shorthair Cats


1Purrsia Elle Sappelle Camille PD n/a
2Channelaire The Count Of Elvessa TO n/a
3Ironforge Thunderstruck Of Snobugs AS n/a
4Skeenville Im All Ears Of Trunude SX n/a
5Ginchika Tinkerbelle Of Taiyo JB n/a
6Chisholmtrail Wind Caller OC n/a
7Tasurt Junga CU n/a
8Sarsenstone Yulaia TH n/a
9Rexplus Shady Business CR n/a
10Oberlin Hulahoop HB n/a
11Trunude Blurred Linez Of Skeenville SX n/a
12Coolspots Pwd Protected BG n/a
13Specialagent Silencer PB n/a
14Bengalxpress Calipso BG Yes
15Lamancha River Song Of Equistice BG Yes
16Tasurt Zeus CU Yes
17Rexplus Family Business CR Yes
18Rainingrexes Carmen Of Skeenville DR Yes
19Bengalxpress Denali BG Yes
20Chisholmtrail Ice Power OC Yes
21Lamancha Kokomo Of Makinwaves SR Yes
22Eeyaa Asian Czar TG Yes
23Enpointe Eartha Kitty Of Velpaws SI Yes
24Mistysprings Badabing!/CFMX Yes
25Pangaea Argemone Of Sarsenstone TH Yes



1Ashlin Zots Thenardier/Cf ES Yes
2Softrax Sh Boom Of Ahura PS Yes
3LAPD Ben CartwrightMC Yes
4Chittagong Varys Khan BI Yes
5Kirembo Azikiwe Obi SV Yes
6Chisholmtrail Wind Surfer OCYes
7Softrax Love Shack Of Ahura PS Yes
8Halestone Midnight Hunter SV Yes
9Marclay Kathmandu Lager Of Pkays/CFHI Yes
10Sarsenstone Sir Percy Blakeney TH Yes
11Morado' Coco Chanel/CFES Yes
12Bengalxpress Monet Of Dreamland BG Yes
13Tajhara Summer Samba SO
14Kitti Kat Kyanite SRL Yes
15Shangripaw Remo Of Equistice BG Yes
16Sydsu Kindred Spirit Of Kim-Lynn OS
17Purrceptive Lay D Grace BS
18Dixiemunchkins Picalow MKL Yes
19Rexplus Risky Business CR Yes
20Curl Essence Son Of Righteousnes/CFACL
21Lamancha Kb SR Yes
22Velpaws Ringn In The New Year SI Yes
23Beautymus Goliath The Singa-Purr/CFSG Yes
24Coolspots The Natural BG Yes
25Singville Theseus SG

Household Pet Kittens


1Steinway Yes
2Cleopatra In Color Yes
3Tarjae Yes
4Blue Skye Yes
5Sebastain Of Dreamland Yes
7Jeckyl n/a
9Lh Triplet n/a
10Fear The Tiny Yeti Of Elvessa Yes
11Lorelei Yes
12Heckyl n/a
14Caruso n/a
15Singing In The Rain
16Cutest Kitten Ever n/a
17Hobbs n/a
18Littleman Chase
20Cow Kitty Yes
21Olivia Benson
22Eric The Red Yes
23Sake Of Bratskats Yes

Household Pet Adults


1Sassy Got Swag Yes
2Mr Snowfire Yes
3Wonton Phantom Wraith Yes
4Chanel Yes
5Maverick Yes
6Mr Irish Spring Yes
7Max Yes
8Benji Fonzirelli Yes
9Miss Marina Yes
10Cleopatra In Color Yes
11Blue Skye Yes
12Chai Lai
13Tarjae Yes
14Pudding Yes
15Elis Commin Yes
16Sebastain Of Dreamland Yes
17Miss Fancy Pants
18Butsu Maneki Neko Yes
19Finnegan Yes
20Black On Black Foxtrot
22Littleman Chase Yes
23Loriland Sunshine Yes
24Marilyn Meowroe

Regional Wins not yet verified